'I knew my marriage was a mistake less than 48 hours after the wedding' - Reality star, Golnesa

35-year-old Shah's of Sunset reality
star,  Golnesa ''GG'' Gharachedaghi shocked
everyone when she announced her whirlwind
engagement and subsequent marriage to
Shalom was a mistake less than 48 hours after
saying "I do."

What was more surprising was the the
announcement that she had filed for divorce
just one month later.
In a recent interview with E News, she said, 'we
went to a courthouse just to get the paperwork
and see what needed to be done in order to get
married. And they said, 'You know, if you want,
there's a little chapel around the corner.' And
we looked at each other and we said, 'F this,'
and we just walked into the chapel. I was
wearing ripped jeans and a turtleneck, and he
was in sweats. Cute outfit, not for a wedding

She continued to say, 'I wanted to throw up. I
was just thinking, 'My dad's going to kill me
right now. And my mom is going to wake me up
and then kill me again.' It was wrong, and it's
kind of a pattern with me. I make just fast
decisions in the moment, and I pay the price
afterwards, and I am right now."
However, she admitted that less than 48 hours
went by before she realized their marriage was
not going to work saying, 'he wanted a wife
immediately, in that moment of 'I Do's. Cater to
him as my husband and get ready for getting
pregnant and cooking and cleaning and taking
care of my man. I'm typically more of the man
in a relationship, so I will never do that, let
alone put a ring on my finger for you and then
start doing that. It's not going to happen for


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