The first ATM in the world Clocks 50 Years

The world’s first Automated Teller Machine
(ATM) on Tuesday June 27, 2017 clocked 50

According to the Metro, the world’s first ATM
was unveiled by Barclays at its Enfield branch
in North London on June 27 1967.
As a tribute to the golden anniversary, Barclays
transformed the ATM at its Enfield branch into
gold, added a commemorative plaque and
placed a red carpet in front for its users.

The original ATM was the brainchild of Scottish
inventor Shepherd-Barron, and was
commissioned by Barclays to create six cash
dispensers, the first of which was installed at
Enfield. English actor Reg Varney, who starred
in the British TV comedy show “On The Buses”,
was the first person to withdraw cash from the
new machine.

Now there are an estimated three million cash
machines across the globe with close to 70,000
cash machines in the UK alone which dispensed
175 billion pounds in 2016.


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