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The first ATM in the world Clocks 50 Years

The world’s first Automated Teller Machine (ATM) on Tuesday June 27, 2017 clocked 50 years.
According to the Metro, the world’s first ATM was unveiled by Barclays at its Enfield branch in North London on June 27 1967. As a tribute to the golden anniversary, Barclays transformed the ATM at its Enfield branch into gold, added a commemorative plaque and placed a red carpet in front for its users.
The original ATM was the brainchild of Scottish inventor Shepherd-Barron, and was commissioned by Barclays to create six cash dispensers, the first of which was installed at Enfield. English actor Reg Varney, who starred in the British TV comedy show “On The Buses”, was the first person to withdraw cash from the new machine.
Now there are an estimated three million cash machines across the globe with close to 70,000 cash machines in the UK alone which dispensed 175 billion pounds in 2016.

Man abandons his 3 year old child in the hospital

A father identified as Mr Alex Ajissi has abandoned his 3 year old daughter, Ozillia Alex- Ajissi, who got severely burnt in a kerosene explosion that claimed the life of her mother and brother at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) A Good Samaritan, Mrs. Theresa Etido-Umoren made her situation public after she noticed her while visiting her relation in the Intensive Care Unit of the UCTH.
Her outcry attracted the attention of members of the Calabar-Municipal branch of the National Association of Seadogs (NAS), which intervened with a donation of N20, 000 and a follow up of another N50, 000 yesterday. According to Mrs Etido-Umoren, the little girl's dad who is from Benin Republic stopped visiting the girl since two months. She urged members of the public to support the victim in order to complete the remaining surgeries.
Etido-Umoren said, “I noticed her when I went to the ICU to visit my cousin who later died. I noticed this little girl, Ozillia, and I made inquir…

Check out the $400,000 a month Malibu mansion where Beyoncé is renting to bond with her new twins, Jay Z and Blue Ivy

Since giving birth to her twins, believed to be a boy and a girl, Beyonce and her newborn babies have been in this lavish Malibu hideaway to keep away from prying eyes and also to give them time to rest and get used to their new life.
The luxurious mansion, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, has extensive 6.3 acre grounds and boasts of 14 bathrooms, 10 bedrooms, a 25ft infinity pool and it costs $400,000 a month to rent.
It has a rose garden with more than 1,000 flower bushes, a landscaped desert area and a tennis court complete with a viewing deck. Beyonce is renting the La Villa Contenta until the end of August, that is for more than two months, so do the math.
Beyonce moved in on Wednesday after leaving the hospital following the birth of her twins via cesarean section. It is reportedly another reason why she rented the secluded location, she wants a nice, quiet place to recuperate. Her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson, was seen on Sunday arriving at the luxurious house to visit her grand babies. She arrived i…

My life as an actor has been a gift and a blessing - RMD says as he shares new photo in Police uniform

The veteran Nollywood actor shared this photo of himself in police uniform from a new crime drama titled "Crossroads."
Describing his life as an actor to be a gift and blessing, RMD also celebrated with his Muslim fans as they mark the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. He wrote:
'Making a living is a blessing, Doing what you love and making a living out of it is a greater blessing. My life as an actor has been a gift and a blessing and I pray for you today that your journey will lead you to blessings that are greater than you ever thought or imagined. Eid Mubarak. '

Check out photos of these stunning Muslim sisters

The girls are all sisters. One of them shared
the photos online with the caption, The
Hassan's. See more photos of them after the
cut ...

Pastor and his family banished after he was caught with charms in Anambra State

A pastor and his family members have been
banished after he was allegedly caught with
The incident happened in Nnobi, a village in
Anambra state. Watch the video after the cut.

Radio host resigns after being asked not to criticize president Trump

A radio host in Pennsylvania has resigned after being asked by radio management not to criticize President Donald Trump on air.
Bruce Bond tells he's "very sad" he could not continue in his position with WTPA-FM as he posted a letter from the station's general manager on Facebook telling him it is 'not permissible' to talk disrespectfully of the president.
The letter says listeners have threatened boycotts of sponsors and social media campaigns against the station. Bond says the rules left him unable to be honest with his fans and listeners. He says he can't "be walking on eggshells" when the subject of Trump comes up.
General Manager Tim Michaels says the station has accepted his resignation and wishes him well.

"I married my sister because you cant control love" man who married his sister says as they expect their first child

A man who lives in Los Angeles in California with his wife, who also happens to be his sister, has taken to Twitter to explain why he tied the knot with her. Sharing a photo of him cradling his sister/wife's baby bump, he said love cannot be controlled and as such he chose the one he loved even though they are blood relatives.
"I married my sister because you can't control love Im sure some of you have thought about marrying ur sister/brother so you can relate," Garvin wrote. Gavin is proud of his choice and his Twitter account info shows that. It reads: “R.I.P GMA stay golden yes I’m the guy who married his sister f**k off.'
More photos ....

Former Atlanta House wife star Claudia Jordan goes to the beach in see-through swimwear

Model and former Atlanta Housewife star
Claudia Jordan wore a see-through swimwear to
the beach in Miami over the weekend. You can

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Chika Ike slays in new photo with her G-Wagon

Actress Chika Ike is living and loving life. The Nollywood diva shared this peferctly slayed photo of herself on Instagram with the caption:
''You can do anything you dream of if you believe in the things that make you strong #staygrateful #stayfocused #staythankful #africandiva"

Stonebwoy's heartbroken girlfriend emerges 2days after his wedding, accuses the singer of playing and dumping her after proposing.

Following Stonebwoy's lavish wedding to his
wife Dr. Louisa Ansong last Friday, a lady
claiming to be his ex-girlfriend has surfaced and
is accusing the singer of failing to marry her
after he proposed.
The lady who identifies herself as Betty Ama
Fiona, a resident of Tema, claims that she was
issued stern warnings by Stonebwoy’s
colleagues to stay off the wedding or incur their
wrath according to a letter published on
In the letter, she claimed to have met
Stonebwoy when she played a part as a vixen in
one of his videos.
She stated that on the 3rd day of the shoot,
Stonebwoy proposed to her and they started
dating in 2014 but asked her to keep the
relationship private and away from media
Read full text of the emotional letter below;
I’ve read and seen the many articles you’ve
done on the dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy’s
marriage. I appreciate your good works. Your
blog- became the good source to some of us to
feed our eyes with what was going on as I was

Linda Ikeji TV presents The Black Room: Adults Only! (This show is for 18+ only o) Coming soon!

So guys, Linda Ikeji TV is about to scatter your head with our new show called, The Black Room: Adults Only! It's a sex show! Not a relationship, love or marriage's strictly sex and nothing but
We will talk about everything there is to talk about on sex: Giving head to your man the right way, men going down on their women and why some refuse to do so, finding your G-Spot as a woman, foreplay, women who fake orgasm, how you can enjoy sex even if you're circumcized, pre-mature ejaculation in men, sex addiction, masturbation and so on and so forth, will all be discussed by sex experts, therapists and men and women who know all about sex. The show will be presented by the lovely Chioma Amaryllis.
All you wives and ladies with boring sex lives, thank me, Linda Ikeji, later. It was my
Repost from #LindaIkejisBlog

Woman cries out after she was brutally beaten by husband in Port Harcourt

In another case of domestic violence shared by
lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye, a Port Harcourt
woman is nursing wounds sustained from the
brutal beating she got from her husband.
According to him, after beating his wife, the
man feigned suicide...

"Tell my sons I love them"- Great grandfather's final phone call while he was trapped in Grenfell Tower flat

A great grandfather is one of those still missing following the Grenfell Tower Inferno in London.
Tony Disson, 65, has lived in Greenfell for 9 years and was trapped in the bathroom of his 22nd floor as fire engulfed the entire building early on Wednesday morning.
The father-of-four, seeing no means of escape, made a final phone call to a friend and told him to "Tell my sons that I love them."Prior to that final call, he had made a number of other desperate calls to friends and relatives to let them know that he was trapped in the bathroom.
Tony's oldest son Lee, 47, who is disabled, heard of the tragedy at 6 a.m. when a cousin from Blackburn, Lancashire, called and told him to turn on the TV as his father's tower block was on fire. After seeing the horrific images on TV, he drove down to London with daughter Sky, 26, from his home in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.
Disson's four sons and other family members spent all of yesterday searching hospitals and rescue centres for him but have s…

Snoop Dogg & wife, Shante Broadus celebrate 21st wedding anniversary with throwback photos

Rapper Snoop Dogg and his wife, Shante are celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary. They tied the knot in 1996 and have three kids together; 22-year-old Corde, 20-year-old Cordell, and 17-year-old Cori. Back in 2004, he filed for divorce from Shante citing irreconcilable differences, but eventually called it off. They later renewed their wedding vows in 2008.

Melania Trump's parents visit their daughter in the White House and everyone is saying Trump bears a resemblance to Melania's father

Soon after Melania Trump moved into the White House with her son Barron over the weekend, her parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, disembarked Air Force One to visit the first couple but what strikes a lot of people as unusual is the fact that Melania's dad looks sort of like Trump.
A number of people pointed out on Twitter that Viktor Knavs and his son-in-law, Donald Trump, have some similarities, even down to the black suit and red tie. New York Magazine's "The Cut" even acknowledged the similarities in appearance with an article titled "Hmmm, Melania’s Dad Sure Looks Familiar." Melania, herself, once commented on the resemblance between her dad and husband. She once told GQ:
"They're both hardworking. They're both very smart and very capable. They grew up in totally different environments, but they have the same values, they have the same tradition." Do you agree that Trump and his father-in-law share some similarities?

Meet the world's tallest 8-year- old who is 6ft 6ins tall

At 6ft 6ins, it's hard to believe 8-year-old Karan Singh is just a child. The boy towers above his classmates and even most of his seniors and has made it to the Guinness Book of Records multiple times.
Karan, from Meerut in India, got his height from his basketballer mum who is even taller than him.
His mum, Shweatlana, 33, is India’s tallest woman and stands at 7ft 2in. She has represented India in numerous national and international sports events. Karan's father, Sanjay, 41, is also tall and stands at 6ft 6in, the same height as his eight-year-old son When Karan was born weighing 7.8 kg and over 63 cm in length, he entered the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest and tallest baby at birth. Now his father hopes Karan's height will make him recognised again.
“When Karan was born, he weighed 7.8 kg and was over 63 cm in length. So that got him into the record books instantly. Then, when he was five-years-old, he got the record for being the tallest toddler. He is eight now and I want to get h…

Couple captured on camera having sex for over 10 minutes at a bus stop in broad daylight

A couple was captured on camera having sex at a bus stop in broad daylight and they were in no hurry to finish up as they spent 10 long minutes. The couple was seen getting frisky at the bus stop in Elgin in Scotland and Debbie, 26, filmed it then uploaded it online where it has been viewed thousands of times.
Debbie Moir said she spotted the couple having sex after she looked out of the window to decide if she should take her mum’s dog for a walk. The footage taken with Debbie's mobile phone appears to show a couple, believed to be in their early 20s, having sex at a glass bus stop just before 7 pm.
Catering manager Debbie said: "I was shocked to see them doing that in such an open area." The mum-of-one continued:
"I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I was just speechless. Once I got over the shock of it I had a good laugh. It’s absolute madness. It’s a housing estate and a really busy street that gets lots of traffic and it’s usually full of kids, obviously because it was raining ther…

Donald Trump to be sued after being accused of violating the US constitution

Donald Trump is set to face two lawsuits today after being accused of violating the US constitution. The lawsuit is to be filed today by the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia (both Democrats), and it alleges that foreign payments to the president’s businesses violate the US constitution.

A similar lawsuit that was brought against Trump in January by plaintiffs including an ethics non-profit group but this recent lawsuit stands a better chance being the first government action over allegations that Trump, a Republican, violated the constitution’s so- called emoluments clause.

Democrat attorney generals have been at the forefront in litigating against Trump’s policies, for instance, successfully blocking executive orders restricting travel from some Islamic countries. They are also resisting efforts to roll back environmental regulations and insurance subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

The January lawsuit filed by an ethics non- profit, restaurant group and hotel events booker a…

Tristan Thompson called a victim of the Kardashian curse after he failed to score any points in two out of three games in the NBA finals

Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend, Cleveland
Cavaliers Tristan Thompson, has been having an
almost bad season. He failed to score a point in
two out of three games in the NBA finals sports
and sports commentator, Jalen Rose thinks he's
been affected by the Kardashian
In a segment following game 3, Jalen said there
are three guarantees in life: Father Time,
gravity, and the Kardashian curse.

Tonto Dikeh shares beautiful new photos to mark her birthdayh

Actress and mother of one, Tonto Dikeh turned a year older today and she shared stunning new photos to mark the day. She captioned one of the photos;

flies?'; My story so far has been that of the pure grace of God, from that little girl walking the streets of Port harcourt to this young amazing beautiful woman exuding divine essence and Grace; My tales aren't complete without thanking God for the gift of life and adding another year to me today, my songs will be complete by saying thank you my Lord; Through the battles, through the storms, through the shallow and high waters l've remained steadfast knowing that I have the strength of a Lion; My name is KING Tonto Dikeh, l'm not like roses and flowers that blossom for a while and when the sun comes out they all whither and die, l'm still here standing tall and will keep standing till the end of time; I also celebrate my son King, my friends, family and my very supportive fans for the beautiful words always, yes it's my day however let&#…