Messi's statue vandalised in Buenos Aires

As the popular saying goes, a prophet is not
without honour except in his own land. That is
the situation Messi has found himself in. For
years he has been the face of the Argentine
national team, the heir to the immortal
Maradona but some believe he has let them
There are many Argentines who believe he is
more committed to Barcelona than he is to the
national team and it may be such characters
who are responsible for the latest act of
vandalism on the player's person.
Just hours before Ronaldo was confirmed as
the world's best player, the occasion was
foreshadowed by a curious incident in his
eternal rival's homeland. Vandals in Buenos
Aires set upon a statue of Lionel Messi and cut
it in two removing the the head, arms and
 The sculpture was erected in June last year
after Messi retired from international football
following his Copa America heartbreak. He later
rescinded his decision and came out of
The Buenos Aires municipal government said in
a statement:
'The statue of Lionel Messi... was
victim of an act of vandalism that left
the footballer's sculpture without its top
The city government is already working
on its repair.' Many Argentines are angry
that what is arguably their best ever
soccer side has failed to win any piece
of silverware but the team can't be
blamed for not trying. They have lost a
World Cup final and two Copa America
finals in the space of three years.

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