There is a fake plastic rice currently trying to storm Nigerian markets. To avoid falling a prey of the dangerous ploy of desperate marketers, these are ways to identify the fake rice.

The ‘fake plastic rice’ saga has continued to
trend across Nigeria after the Federal Operations
Unit, Ikeja, of the Nigeria Customs Service, NCS,
intercepted 102 bags of plastic rice branded
“Beat Tomato Rice’’ with no date of manufacture.
Several reports have revealed that China
produces fake rice which is mixed with plastic
for exportation to African countries including
Nigeria and as the Yuletide draws close, there
are indications that most people will fall victims
to consuming the fake product.
Daily Post is reporting that you can determine if
your rice is fake by carrying out some of the
According to Daily Post, an expert, Emmie Shield
revealed that the plastic rice is made by forming
potatoes and sweet potatoes into regular rice
grains shape, then adding industrial synthetic
Shield said it remains hard after cooking and can
cause serious health issues.
Nigerians have raised the alarm of possible
flooding of the Nigerian market with the plastic
rice, although, the NCS has assured Nigerians
that it will uncover the person(s) behind
importation of the deadly plastic rice.
Shield disclosed to Daily Post the various ways
to discover the fake plastic rice.

Follow the steps below…
1. Water Test: Get a glass of cold water, pour a
tablespoon of raw rice in the glass and stir. If
the rice goes to the bottom, it is all good. If it
floats at the top, it means it contains ‘plastic
2. When molding a few grains of rice with a
mortar and pestle, if the powder gives a quite
white colour, it’s fit for consumption but if it has
a yellow discoloration, it is fake.
3. Boiling test: Observe the rice while boiling. If
it starts forming a thick layer at the top below…

pot, it is plastic rice.
4. Hot oil test: Take some of the rice drop into
some real hot oil, it will melt or stick together or
stick at the bottom of the pan if it is fake.
5. Fire test: Get a lighter and burn a handful of
rice – If it catches fire and smells like burnt
plastic, it is fake.
6. Mold test: Boil the rice and leave it in a warm
place for like 2-3 days. If mold does not appear
in a few days, the rice is fake. It will not get
mold because plastic is not affected by the
weather or temperature.


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