Woman devorces her husband because of low salary after 15 years of marriage

                                                       A court in Osun State recently ended a 15-
year-old marriage over salary issues. The
husband said his half salary is not enough
to fulfill his role as head of the family.
They say money is the root of all evil. In this
recession, it could be the root of all
divorces.The wife, Mrs. Oluitan Folashade told the
court that her husband Mr. Oluitan Abraham
Adelusi has neglected and not cared her for
four years.
Money is a piece of papaer but so important
to our everyday life
The husband said The husband said his half
salary is not enough to fulfill his role as
head of the family. The wife said he had
also refused to pay her bride price earlier
Marriages are suffering these days because
the salary is for the whole house
Her husband traced his problems to 2015
when the government started paying him half
of that they used to before. The court ended
up separating them and ordered the husband
to pay child support for the children.


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